MJCS Hosts Screening of ‘One Rock Three Religions’

Pictured, from left: Alain Jakubowicz, Valentina Castellani, Mohamed Akbar Kahn and Isaac Hertz

The Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue hosted a screening of the award-winning documentary “One Rock Three Religions” on Dec. 1. 

The film, directed by Isaac Hertz, explores humanity by examining Jerusalem’s most politically sensitive site — Haram Al Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount. Jerusalem has been a center of conflict between East and West for decades, and resolution has been defied for decades.

“One Rock Three Religions” invites viewers to reexamine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and see the impact the three Abrahamic faiths can have on world peace. According to the team behind the movie, it confronts the ignorance and bias that creates the current situation in Jerusalem and dares viewers to take action, especially in light of recent tragic events in the world. 

The screening was presented by Israeli Consul Maya Kadosh, producer Valentina Castellani, Rabbi Judith HaLevy and the Malibu Film Society. Brothers Itai and Hagai Israeli began the evening with a performance from their band Maetar, which blends Hebrew and Arabic melodies with contemporary jazz. 

After the screening, Castellani moderated a discussion during which Director Isaac Hertz, Mohammed Akbar Kahn, Director of King Fahad Mosque in Los Angeles, Rabbi Adlerstein from the Wiesenthal Center and editor Alain Jakubowicz expressed their point of view on the kaleidoscopic topic of Peace in the Middle East.

“One Rock Three Religions” is scheduled to be screened for the U.S. Congress at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 3. The congressional screening will be used to rediscuss the situation in Israel and Palestine.