‘Malibu Days’ are over mayor tells Coastal Commission

“Malibu Days” is a term of irony coined to epitomize the heat and frustration many county and state politicians have experienced when phoned by influential Malibu citizens who complain about permit restrictions on their homes or other uniquely Malibu issues of environment or land use.

It has been reported that such pressure from Malibu nabobs over a standoff between the city and the California Coastal Commission on an early city draft of a local coastal plan (LCP) led frustrated legislators to pass AB988, the law specifically ordering the commission to write its own LCP for Malibu.

However, at a commission hearing on Nov. 15, both Mayor Joan House and Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Jennings attempted to distance the present City Council from its predecessors and the rancor that had developed between the city and various county and state agencies in the past.

“The city understands the frustration of the Coastal Commission in having so many Malibu Days consuming your overloaded agenda,” House told the commissioners.

“This council has turned around the reputation the city had with other agencies,” she said. “We are no longer the poster child for the Regional Water [Quality] Control Board, but a leading member of their team. We have an excellent relationship with Senator (Sheila) Kuehl, Assemblymember Fran Pavley, Director (Rusty) Areias of California State Parks, Supervisor (Zev) Yaroslavsky of Los Angeles County, and Caltrans, to name a few.”

Jennings said, “We are a new City Council. We ran on a platform to improve our relations with governmental agencies (and) we were elected by an overwhelming majority to do [just] that.”

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