Malibu’ Top Ten Book List


The fiction bestsellers this month are strongly skewed toward Diesel, A Bookstore’s events schedule. Don Winslow, a Diesel favorite, whirled through in September, which placed his books on the bestseller list. Carol Davis provided the rare poetry book on the bestseller list following her reading on Sunday. And Ann Patchett, who will read this Friday at Diesel’s Literary Luncheon, has popped back onto the list with “Bel Canto.”

For nonfiction, former President Bill Clinton’s new one, “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World,” jumped right onto the list along with Alan Greenspan’s must-read “The Age of Turbulence.” Two books from the screenwriting panel at the Malibu Celebration of Film this past weekend made it this month: Peter Dunne’s book “Emotional Structure: A Guide for Screenwriters,” and Catherine A. Jones’ “The Way of Story: The Craft and Soul of Writing.”

And for the children, much of the list is similar to last month’s but new to the list is a great new pop-up book: “Mythology,” by Lady Hestia Evans. Also new in paperback is the celebrated young adult novel, which adults are loving too: “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak.


1. “The Power of the Dog,” by Don Winslow, paperback, Vintage, $14.95

2. “Into the Arms of Pushkin,” by Carol Davis, paperback, Truman State Press, $15

3. “Water for Elephants,” by Sara Gruen, paperback, Algonquin Books, $13.95

4. “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” by Khaled Hosseini, hardcover, Riverhead, $25.95

5. “One Good Turn,” by Kate Atkinson, paperback, Back Bay Books, $13.99

6. “The Winter of Frankie Machine,” by Don Winslow, paperback, Vintage, $13.95

7. “Bel Canto,” by Ann Patchett, paperback, Perennial, $13.95

8. “The Boleyn Inheritance,” by Philippa Gregory, paperback, Simon & Schuster, $16

9. “The Kite Runner,” by Khaled Hosseini, paperback, Riverhead, $15.95

10. “Bangkok 8,” by John Burdett, paperback, Vintage, $13.95


1. “Eat, Pray, Love,” by Elizabeth Gilbert, paperback, Penguin, $15

2. “Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous,” by Rory Freeman and Kim Barnouin, paperback, Running Press, $13.95

3. “This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of Human Obsession,” by Daniel Levitin, paperback, Penguin, $15

4. “The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World,” by Alan Greenspan, hardcover, Penguin, $35

5. “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World,” by Bill Clinton, hardcover, Knopf, $24.95

6. “The Female Brain,” by Louanne Brizendine, paperback, Broadway, $14.95

7. “Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me,” by Pattie Boyd and Penny Junor, hardcover, Random House, $25.95

8. “Emotional Structure: A Guide for Screenwriters,” by Peter Dunne, paperback, Quill Driver, $14.95

9. “The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals,” by Michael Pollan, paperback, Penguin, $16

10. “The Way of Story: The Craft and Soul of Writing,” by Catherine A. Jones, paperback, Michael Wiese, $22.95


1. “Mythology (Ologies),” by Lady Hestia Evans, hardcover, Candlewick, $19.99

2. “Walter the Farting Dog: Banned From the Beach,” by William Kotzwinkle, hardcover, Dutton, $16.99

3. “Dog,” by Matthew Fleet, hardcover, Simon & Schuster, $14.99

4. “Bone Volume 1: Out From Boneville,” by Jeff Smith, paperback, Scholastic, $9.99

5. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” by Jeff Kinney, hardcover, Abrams, $12.95

6. “Toy Boat,” by Randall DeSeve and Loren Long, hardcover, Penguin, $16.99

7. “Warriors: All the Truth, Tactics and Triumphs of the World’s Greatest Fighters,” by James Harpur, hardcover, Simon & Schuster, $21.99

8. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” by J.K. Rowling and Mary GrandPr√©, hardcover, Scholastic, $34.99

9. “The Dangerous Book for Boys,” by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden, Collins, $24.95

10. “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak, paperback, Random House, $11.99

Book list provided by Diesel, A Bookstore