Been there


    I do not blame our city attorney, who, refusing to be intimidated by some of her bosses, was just doing her job.

    Still, respectfully, it is a sad day, when a person who cares deeply about Malibu’s environment is charged with five criminal misdemeanors.

    With so much of our environment degraded, including Malibu Creek which is used as a sewer pipe emptying into world famous Surfrider Beach, and the Malibu Bay Company (who I am really afraid of) lying and misleading the public about what would be best for the health of the land and living beings, ultimately caring most about making even more money for themselves.

    Thank you Remy O’Neill for your courage, hard work and personal risks you took in trying to keep Malibu a beautiful, healthy community. Your “crimes” do not compare with the degradation and harm that would have come to our community if you had not acted and people had voted a different way.

    If it’s any consolation, the 45 misdemeanors I have been charged with, and found guilty of, over the years, has not deterred me from acting out for what I believe would be best for future generations.

    Valerie Sklarevsky