Thrown a curve


Is Paradise changing at my end of the BU? OK, it has now kicked me in the stomach. My beloved Curves is closing down due to low membership, which I can only assume is caused by the state of our economy. I love Curves. It is the only exercise program I have stayed with. It is my place to schmooze; it is the local water cooler for us ladies. Want a new restaurant, a new baby sitter, someone to do your floors, just come exercise at Curves for 30 minutes and you get all your answers along with tighter buns and abs.

The new owners of the Plaza were all ahead of us. They weren’t worried about parking for the new market. Silly us! Little did we know that if they got rid of the other half of the tenants there would be parking for all. The tables are lovely, the plants and flowers welcome, but where is the soul? Where are my neighbors? Not at the Plaza, that’s for sure!

The Dume Room had to be closed. It brought an odd clientele to the plaza, but it brought personality and diversity, it was alive. Our beloved pet store is gone. The pharmacy with the most concerned and caring owners a community could ever ask for is doing a double step to keep up with the new structure of the plaza. Thank goodness for some sameness. Lily’s burrito is still as full of calories, and the so-so pizza, which I adore, is still with us. I heard a rumor that the bike shop and the Chinese restaurant are closing June 1. Could that be true? I shook my head at each change. But with Curves, I am kicked in the stomach. It will mess with my day.

Yes, the beach is still here, the sunsets are still here. Yes, it is my Paradise, but I don’t vacation here, I live here. I need my day-to-day life around me and that’s being messed with. So what’s with all the vacant signs and changes at your end of the BU. Is your slice of paradise changing also?

Linda Androlia