Simple solution


Every week I keep reading about the turmoil surrounding Legacy Park and the failure to provide adequate sewage treatment to protect the water table. Over the years I have spoken before the various planning commissions and city councils about a simple method of evapotranspiration where trees with root barriers are planted between leach lines and the roots absorb the effluent, allowing it to evaporate through the leaves into the air as part of the cycle of nature. Twenty-two years ago at our office complex at 24955 PCH, we installed this system. It couldn’t be simpler, inexpensive, and totally effective to the point where we are pruning trees twice yearly.

Is this not possible in the civic center where new projects require 65 percent landscaped area, providing ample room for leach fields and groves of trees? In existing projects, trees could be planted in triangular areas at the head of every second car space, absorbing the effluent, beautifying the asphalt lots, and with no loss of parking. In residential projects, which have leach fields, this should have been required long ago.

In addition to beautifying the environment, it will add the benefit of minimizing downhill saturation of slopes.

Ron Goldman