Local doctor appears on hit TV show

Barbara Bellman, co-author of "Flirting After Fifty"

Dr. Ray Hall, a chiropractor who lives in Malibu, was on a recent episode of “Dancing With the Stars” to treat contestant Brooke Burke’s foot injury.

Burke injured herself doing the jitter bug. She then called Hall, who had treated her husband, actor/singer David Charvet. He visited Burke at her home and began a series of daily, comprehensive treatments using manual and physiotherapeutic modalities. The dancer responded well to treatments and was able to continue her intense six- to eight-hour daily practice sessions with partner Derek Hough due to the functional taping that Dr. Hall applied, which mimicked the injured tendon and added support to her foot. This taping allowed her to work through the injury and continue with the progression of her healing response.

“Last week, Brooke had a serious strain injury to one tendon in particular on the bottom of her right foot,” Hall said. “This intense injury would have sidelined many pro athletes. But at her request and enduring will, we treated Brooke daily and she pushed through all the intense rehearsals and competed at a very high level … She is a great example of strength and courage, and demonstrates the high-performance outcomes that modern sports medicine chiropractic can produce.”