Spotting no difference

Warning! Leopards do not change their spots.

In reinventing himself, candidate Jennings has put forth a new persona.

For those who care about Malibu and do not want to see Malibu overdeveloped, be very cautious and think twice if you are considering voting for Mr. Jennings.

When Mr. Jennings sat on the council previously, he was a consistent advocate for large development interests. As I attended the many land use hearings, here is some of what I observed firsthand:

Civic Center: Mr. Jennings voted to have the Specific Plan of approximately 1,200,000 square of development go to an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) without even an attempt at scaling back the size and scope of the development.

Trancas Field: At Trancas, the surrounding community wanted Trancas Field to be designated one house per five acres. Jennings wanted higher density of 2-acre zoning and supported a failed motion to that effect. At five acres, 14 homes would be allowed on Trancas Field, at two acres, 35 homes would be allowed.

Lunita Pacific: All councilpersons except Jennings voted against the 38 Lunita Pacific condos, declaring it a health and safety hazard to Broad Beach. The developer sued. It was Jennings, House and Harlow that voted not to appeal a court case that was “winnable” on appeal, thus allowing the developer to go forward with 38 condos. For the record, there was never a proposal for six houses before the City Council for its approval. This is pure propaganda.

Candidate Jennings would generally couch his vote by saying that if we don’t do what the developers request, we will be sued. This was Mr. Jennings’ modus operandi.

With the exception of Lunita Pacific, all of the above denials did not result in lawsuits. If House or Jennings had the conviction to appeal, there could very well be one home being built where the Lunita condos are today.

Remember, tigers do not change their stripes, nor leopards their spots.

Patt Healy

on behalf of

Malibu Coalition for Slow Growth

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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