Planetary Themes for the Month of February

Astrology forecast

Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on Feb. 11. This is a better period for beginning to make important decisions or solidifying agreements again. 


Time spent behind the scenes or alone can yield greater rewards for you this month through the 19th. This is a good period for resolving internal issues or emotional matters. On Feb. 19-20, Venus and Mars enter your sign. A new cycle begins for you for greater self-expression and fresh new starts in life. 


Your best outlet is through being more active socially, and connecting with your friends and acquaintances through Feb. 20. After the 20th, being more active behind the scenes and doing more research can benefit you. This can lead to a greater sense of accomplishment in attaining your goals during the last week of the month. 


Indecision may plague you through the 12th. You may be missing important details or not quite living in reality through the 20th. Take a closer look at things. After the 20th, it’s time for you to be more visible, and interact more socially or with groups. You are in a cycle for meeting new people and making new friends after this date. 


The focus is on making the best use of resources and reorganizing finances. This is a good month for connecting to your needs emotionally and helping others. Expand in your belief system or seek spiritual outlets. After the 20th, more activity is indicated in your career or taking steps toward the attainment of your goals. 


Personal relationships and your social life take on more importance. A significant other from your past may reappear this month. Be more cautious with the handling of finances or investment decisions through the 20th. After this date, you are on fire with more passion. Your personal magnetism increases. 


You may feel unorganized and need to make some adjustments with your daily routine. Think of new, inventive ways to get the job done. Other people may need your help or support. Be more sensitive to their situation. After the 20th, you may feel like taking some risks financially or spending more freely. Think twice about it. 


The theme through the 20th of the month is on expressing more of your emotional or spiritual side. This is an ideal time for more philanthropy or helping others. Make time to express the flow of creativity. After the 20th, you are ready to move in a new direction, explore other options and take more initiative in pursuit of your goals. 


You are in a cycle for expressing more creativity, fun or romance in your life through the 20th. There may also be some family-related issues you are being stubborn about. Try becoming more flexible and seeing the other person’s view. After the 20th, you mean business at work and want to get things done yesterday. 


You may be out of your comfort zone and in the emotional realm with certain family or internal matters. Try not to run away or escape from your feelings. After the 20th, you can begin to get some relief and feel more comfortable in your skin. It’s a time for you to pursue more romance, creativity or recreational outlets. 


The focus is on expressing creative ideas and new, innovative ways of making money. You can attract new people in your life to help further your goals. You continue to have a heightened sensitivity through the 20th. After the 20th, there may be some domestic issues to resolve or you feel like making some changes at home. 


You are in your own element so don’t be too timid about expressing your individuality or uniqueness. Money can more easily slip through your fingers through the 20th, so try to stick to a budget. After the 20th, your mind can go on overdrive with new ideas. Try not to make hasty decisions and remember to slow down. 


You may have a difficult time accomplishing daily tasks and staying organized. Your sensitivity may reach an all time high through Feb. 20. It’s beneficial for you to spend more time alone behind the scenes and research your options. After the 20th, you can become more driven to make money and begin new projects.