Son of "Barney" creator suspected in attempted murder

Barney & Friends

The 27-year-old Malibu resident who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder last week is the son of “Barney & Friends” creator Sheryl Leach, according to The Acorn.

Patrick Leach was arrested for attempted murder for allegedly shooting his neighbor, 49-year-old Eric Shanks, during a dispute characterized as a “trespassing issue,” according to Det. Tom Lewis, the investigating officer on the case. After being detained at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff ’s Station, Leach posted $1 million bail and left the jail on the day of the incident. 

Lt. Matthew Squire was unable to say whether Leach had returned to his home after posting bail. 

“Look, he comes from big money, so he was able to post that kind of bail the same day he was arrested,” Squire said. “But once he leaves the station, it’s out of our hands.” 

According to reports, Patrick Leach’s interest in dinosaurs inspired his mother to create the popular “Barney” show for children in 1987. Sheryl Leach lives in Connecticut, Gawker reported.