ELECTION UPDATE: Many Malibu Voters Are Not On Rolls, Given Provisional Ballots


Point Dume voters are affected by major fail in today’s election: a printing error knocked a huge number of voters off the rosters at thousands of Los Angeles County polling stations.

Numerous voters in Malibu showing up and are told – your name is not on the list.

They were given provisional ballots, which are not counted until the registration is confirmed. 

And stand in line for that.

The L A County Registrar Recorder says a total of 118,522 voters’ names were omitted. Each one will have to be checked before it can be added to the tally.

A total of 1,530 precincts of the County’s 4,357 voting locations were affected in some way.

“Our office is committed to ensuring every voter has a positive voting experience on Election Day,” Logan said.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and concern this has caused. Voters should be assured their vote will be counted.”

Meanwhile, poll workers at all locations have been instructed to make sure that every voter whose name

does not appear on the roster is issued a provisional ballot, and to inform the voters that their ballot will be counted.

Provisional ballots are counted in the election returns once their registration is confirmed. Past election

records show that on average 85-90 percent of provisional ballots are determined to be valid and counted.