Heartfelt tribute


On Saturday, Nov. 12, best friends Tyler Love and Keith Naylor were driving on Tyler’s motorcycle en route to a bowling alley. These two boys were killed as an SUV struck them while making a U-turn on PCH, south of Gladstone’s Restaurant.

These two boys were more than best friends. They were brothers. At 7:42 p.m., Tyler acted upon instinct and disregarded his own life in order to save Keith’s. He threw down his motorcycle with his left arm and threw Keith off with his right arm, leaving Tyler’s body to take the majority of the impact. Tyler manifested goodness, purity, and selflessness. That’s Tyler. When you ask yourself, why Tyler and Keith, there is no right answer. They were too special to remain in this life. They were needed more elsewhere.

When someone dies, their final resting place provides very little information about them other than a name and dates of birth and death. We were able to relive the most important details about Tyler and Keith-their incredible looks, personality and sense of humor, interests, education, employment, accomplishments, and qualities -through each and every speaker that spoke at the Memorial Service. I encourage you all to visit the site where the accident took place. Their legend will live on through us. Educate yourselves and others to turn this heartbreak into something good. Thank you to Spencer, Sandro, and Brian for creating this glowing memorial site.

The Malibu community bond proved to be at its strongest on Friday, Nov. 18, at the Malibu Bluffs Memorial Service. The estimated 1,800 people in attendance confirmed the fact that these boys were two of a kind.

Thank you to the following people for donating the property, catering, rental equipment, transportation: The Stansfield Family, Jim Rapf, Lucy Ralphs, Kim Pfeiffer, Gail Copley, Jennifer Naylor, Gemstar Limousine, and the Malibu Sheriff’s Department. Eternal gratitude is extended to Zak Thornborough, Kelly Rapf, and Roxanne McCann for planning this unforgettable day.

Kelli Love