Man Rescued After Falling 200 Feet on Rindge Dam Hike

A Los Angeles County Fire helicopter works to rescue a man who fell 200 feet on Sunday while trying to hike to the Rindge Dam. 

A hiker who fell 200 feet while trying to get to Malibu’s Rindge Dam suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was pulled to safety by the Los Angeles County Fire Department on Sunday afternoon.

Crews received a call about the 34-year-old man from Winnetka, Calif., at 2:15 p.m. Because of his fall in a remote location off of Malibu Canyon Road, fire and rescue officials had to use a helicopter and winch system to pull the man to safety. 

He was transported to the UCLA Trauma Center for “evaluation and treatment, according to the Malibu Search and Rescue team. Details of his injuries were not specified but he is expected to fully recover.

The 102-foot high, 140-foot wide Rindge Dam was erected in the 1920s, using Malibu Creek to provide an agricultural water supply. Currently, the California State Parks Department and Army Corps of Engineers are working on plans to potentially dismantle the dam.

Young daredevils have often been filmed hiking to and jumping from the dam.

The Rindge Dam has been the site of numerous rescues of stranded and injured hikers seeking out its water features,” the SAR team said on its Facebook page.