Complete wipeout


All of a sudden, Zuma Jay is in favor of handing over local control to the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Apparently he is now in favor of a sewer in east Malibu. What might explain this total 180 turn-around is that his house is outside the septic ban zone (contrary to what was printed in the Los Angeles) as it sits outside the city limits. Which brings me to a fact that still puzzles me; how he is able to sit on Council and make laws for Malibu homeowners that don’t apply to him?

This is the same guy that said we should listen to the professionals and do studies so that the City, not the RWQCB, could come up with the best plan to solve our pollutions problems. But in the Los Angeles Times this past Sunday he was quoted as saying, “Anyone can rent a scientist to tell you what you want to hear.” So first he votes to hire the expert scientists and now he insults the very same experts that he voted to hire. Zuma Jay should either apologize for his insulting remarks or explain why he chose to insult and discredit such highly regarded professional scientists. I am also curious as to why he chose not to mention the excellent wastewater and stormwater treatment plans that are now underway in Malibu which will have a phenomenal impact on cleaning up the beach.

Valerie Titus Parker