Blog: King of Hearts

Burt Ross

“King of Hearts,” a memorable movie starring Alan Bates, came out in the 1960’s and tells the fictional story of how the inmates of an insane asylum escaped and took over a small French village.

The more I listen to the news today, the more I am convinced the inmates have also taken over America. A woman who invaded our Capitol complained that she had been sprayed with something which made her eyes water (she could have been shot having been part of an armed insurrection). She actually took offense that the police tried to stop her.

I recently heard a woman on a news show talk about her devotion to Q. She appeared to be perfectly normal until she opened her mouth, and then out came gibberish. She expounded on the “deep state”—how it was killing children, running a pedophile ring in a pizza parlor, and so forth and so on. She mentioned that her friends and family had forsaken her, but she seemed to wear this fact as a badge of honor.

Millions of Americans still listen to Alex Jones, who proclaimed that the massacre of young children in Sandy Hook never happened, and the parents of the dead children were actors. And then there are those who believe the California fires were intentionally caused by powerful space lasers. There is no end to the insanity pervading our country.

It is bad enough that your average Joe has gone bunkers, but now Trump’s former attorney Sidney Powell has gone completely over the edge. She has come up with the most bizarre defense in her defamation suit. You may recall that Powell is being sued by Dominion, the manufacturer of 30 percent of our voting machines. Powell not only falsely claimed that Dominion was connected to Hugo Chavez and that it fraudulently manipulated the vote in Biden’s favor, but with Trump’s encouragement, she promoted these falsehoods on Fox News every opportunity she got. 

She now claims in her defense that no reasonable person could believe what she was saying. Think about this for a moment-an attorney for the President of the United States defends herself by saying that no reasonable person could believe her. 

I believe that Sidney Powell is just plain nuts. And if she chooses to sue me for libel, I have a perfectly good defense since no reasonable person could possibly believe anything I write.