Malibu Skateboard Park Closes After COVID-19 Rules Repeatedly Broken


The brand-new skateboard park and the rest of Bluffs Park have been closed, because people would not abide by COVID-19 rules, the City of Malibu announced today (Sunday)

Sheriff’s deputies have been called to Bluffs Park “multiple times every day to try and enforce the rules,” said City Manager Reva Feldman. 

City staff members and the general public were at risk from contracting the often deadly or permanently-scarring disease, officials had said earlier. The skatepark park was opened a week ago, and from the first grinds, it was obvious that state laws and public health codes were not being followed.

Some skateboarders were also refusing to follow time limits – 1 hour – to allow others to skate. And there were frequent cases of overcrowding, above the 12 maximum, said Feldman.

“Skaters are not following the limit of people allowed in the skate park (12 max) and are not leaving when asked by city staff,” she told KBUU News Sunday,

And it was not just the kids. “Parents are refusing to wear masks and continue to congregate.”

Bluffs Park’s athletic fields – closed under state law to playing games – were also being illegally used, Feldman said. “We keep getting large groups of people playing sports on the fields,” she said.