Poem Corner: Eagle


An Eagle passes over me —


instant shade that does not fade 


from memory. 


Reminding, intertwining… 


We share this fragile nest, 


our place to rest together.


But you have wings, 


those magic things —to set you free. 


No rocketry in space required. 


You’re excellently wired. 


No clone has ever shown such grace—


such skill and will.  


Sharp eye, hooked beak —


you are unique.


I am awed


But I am flawed.  


Will you survive?


Will I?


I hear your piercing cry:


It tears my heart, 


my mind is blind  


I am crying too. 


Is this a test?


Pass or fail?


Worry round and round,  


the silent sound of death. 


With Eagle eye, you clearly see:


Like me some care.


No time to spare. 

Paula Mae Schwartz


As quarantine and self-isolation continues, we have begun to notice an uptick in poetry submissions. We always accept poems for consideration and welcome our readers to share their contributions.

If you are interested in submitting a poem for possible inclusion in The Malibu Times’ print edition, you may do so by emailing it to editorial@malibutimes.com or mailing it to The Malibu Times office at 3864 Las Flores Canyon Road.