Letter: Oxygen Up

Letter to the Editor

Automobiles burn gasoline and oxygen to produce energy. Human bodies and brains burn glucose and oxygen to create energy. Put a rag in front of the air intake of your car’s engine and see how well it runs. Put a face mask on a human being and it reduces oxygen levels measured at the nose by 10 to 15 percent. That is like suddenly walking into a room with 10 to 15 percent less oxygen in the air, which is below OSHA’s safety standards for indoor air quality. If your factory had oxygen levels that low, 17 or 18 percent instead of our natural outdoor oxygen level of over 20 percent, you would be put out of business for breaking safety laws. Some people have passed out from wearing a mask too long while driving vehicles. Young, healthy doctors and politicians brag that they can wear a mask all day without harm, but they have no idea what it is like being sick and struggling to get enough oxygen in your cells even without a mask.  

In case you haven’t noticed it, face masks are making humans dumber and angrier, which is highly dangerous in a nuclear armed world. Forcing our children to wear face masks stunts their growth for the obvious reason that all mammals need oxygen to live and grow. When you reduce oxygen intake you automatically lower IQ and ability to make wise decisions. If you weaken your brain, you also weaken your immune system, because every organ and cell in our body is communally connected in function.  

The logical approach is to wear a bandanna or mask that covers the mouth only. Never cover your nose unless you are a doctor treating a patient. If you feel a sneeze coming on, just pinch your nose to stop it. The COVID-19 virus will be with us for years, and no future vaccine will be even close to 100 percent effective. We need long term coping strategies that do more good than harm. 

Viruses are incredibly small bundles of genetic material. A cloth mask stops viruses from entering your body about as well as a chain link fence stops mosquitoes from entering your home. Face masks only help by reducing the speed of viruses as they are expelled from your mouth when you talk. This helps protect others from you, but does not protect you from other people unless they are also covering their mouths. The virus spreads mainly from talking and coughing. Communal singing in a church spreads the virus the fastest. We can only decelerate the virus; we cannot absolutely contain it.

Christopher Calder