Looking for labels


    Genetically engineered foods sounds impressive, but are they safe? These genes are producing new substances inside the food we eat. Some of these new substances will cause serious reactions in the people who eat them. Allergic reactions are just one of the potential risks. Scientist warn genetic engineering might produce lower nutritional levels, or even create new toxins when unrelated genes are added to plants. Much of these crops have been customized with a bacterial gene that acts as a pesticide. If a crop kill insects, how safe is it for human consumption?

    Consumers should have the right to choose whether they expose themselves to these new foods and whether they experiment with this new technology. The Food and Drug Administration requires that labels list any processing change whether a food has been frozen or irradiated, pasteurized or homogenized. But when it comes to genetic engineering the FDA concludes that such information is not relevant to consumers. A group of scientists and consumers are now suing the agency to get mandatory labeling similar to what Europe has already begun. European laws insist that food manufacturers clearly label products containing genetically modified foods. We should implement such laws in the United States. If you want to help Email:ge-mail@lofthouse.com and send the following message: “Add my name to the Consumer Right to Know Petition.” Include Name, Address, Date.

    Eat organic and call toll free 1-877-RealFood or visit this web site: www.safe-food.org to make sure you know what you are eating.

    Elise Vazelakis