Letter: Let Friday night lights shine


I live in Horizon Hills, in Malibu Park, above Malibu High School. I have been a supporter of the school and the lights for years. My kids have graduated, yet I still visit the school for events like athletic games, shows and musical nights. 

I am dismayed at the horrible things being said by a small group of my neighbors. Contrary to what they say, many of my neighbors and I love the lights and what they bring to our community. I personally believe that they increase my property values but then again, I am not an expert in that field, and neither are my neighbors who write of dire losses of value. 

Times change. We didn’t need to be a city 50 years ago, but then times changed and we became a city (thank goodness!). We didn’t need a local high school here until 20 years ago, and so we got a high school. Should we go backward? 

Limited lights are a good thing to me. As a community we decided not to have malls and lots of nighttime lighted areas and places, yet our teens need safe places to go at night. Our kids and families have been asking for years for places to join together at night. What better than Friday night football or soccer or lacrosse? How wonderful for the city!

As a former Texan, there isn’t anything more rural nor American than Friday night lights! 

Pamela Duke Van Ierland