Seeking solutions


I conceived “Share the Road – Share the Tickets” and put it on Facebook on my own to reach beyond Malibu city limits, and with no city involvement as some have suggested. The purpose was to ask for increased law enforcement and education for cyclists who run red lights and stop signs and ride two and three abreast even when it is unsafe to do so. I knew that I would be excoriated by the bicycle community.

In fact, it was so bad that I felt like Joan of Arc as the pyre was set on fire, cyclists dancing around it shouting my name and calling for my head. Some who posted on the Net wrote insulting and negative comments about me and Malibu in general (drunks, haters, rich people, speeders) and missed the point entirely – safe passage for both motorists and cyclists.

There is always a silver lining in every cloud, however, and thoughtful cycle leadership stepped forward. We decided to hold a meeting to discuss our respective problems. I invited Chris Frost (a Malibu cyclist) who has been very interested in cyclist safety and trying to make inroads to join us.

We’ll search for ways to make both sides happy and safe. It’s not going to be easy, and Sgt. Brooks or another sheriff rep should be part of the team to clear up some of the sticking points.

I’ll be wearing a helmet and bringing my German Shepherd in case things get rowdy, but I am convinced that together we can come up with solutions for both sides before the new bike route from Trancas to County line comes to pass.

Many thanks to the many residents who wrote or called me in support of the idea.

Susan Tellem