Letter: I’ll Tell You Why

Letter to the Editor

In response to the column “From the Publisher: Happy Thanksgiving” published Nov. 26

Your last sentence of your Thanksgiving editorial indicates that you are “totally baffled” by President Trump’s appeal to 70-plus million of your fellow citizens, but “as soon as I figure it out I’ll let you all know.” Let me try to help you figure it out. 

President Trump came into office espousing a position that no longer will the highest office in the land be representing anyone or anything other than the American worker, American individual or America itself. The priority would no longer be what was best for the globalists or for any country other than America. The restoration of American jobs long shipped overseas under NAFTA, American manufacturing jobs sent to Mexico or China, and the middle class wages lost to workers who were here illegally would no longer be tolerated or the accepted norm. Thus, through his leadership, the USMCA was enacted and NAFTA was eliminated. President Trump confronted the unfair monetary practices of China with its currency and its trade practices, the nuclear threats confronted by North Korea, the spread of ISIS all over the world and confronted Iran’s spread of terrorism around the globe by shrinking its funding ability and their nuclear threat. President Trump enacted policies that allowed the U.S. to become energy independent and, thus, not rely on countries that were not friendly to the U.S.

President Trump built a wall on our Southern border, not because he is a racist but because his desire is to protect Americans, to have control over those who sought to bring fentanyl into this country and to those whose desire was not the best interest of this country. As he has clearly stated many times—”a country without borders is not a country.” When he came into power, illegal immigration was out of control, and now we have a border that has the lowest illegal crossings in decades. In addition, through his leadership, for the first time, Mexico is cooperating with the US in this endeavor.

President Trump is a “law and order” president. He does not support illegal sanctuary cities, he does not support rioting and looting but he does support the good men and women of the police, first responders, ICE and those who everyday risk their lives to protect us all.

President Trump rebuilt an emaciated military. He enacted Space Force. These are all done to protect America and Americans from an ever increasing hostile world and those who seek to destroy this country and our way of life.

President Trump was responsible for the VA Accountability Act which resulted in the improved treatment of our vets at the VA which was deplorable. He was responsible for allowing vets to get the care they need at the doctor of their choice with the government then making reimbursement to the vet.

President Trump enacted tax cuts that benefitted the middle class and paved the way for the greatest unemployment numbers seen in this country in 50 years. This included individuals in all demographics, college educated, high school educated, men, women, minorities, etc. It resulted in wage growth for the middle class not seen in decades. He cut unnecessary regulations that hurt businesses and job growth. His tax cuts encouraged long held overseas funds to come back into the US through a reduced tax that resulted in tremendous job creation.

President Trump enacted prison reform through The First Step Act and The Second Chance Act which resulted in the release of many individuals from harsh and punitive crime bills enacted decades ago. This prison reform greatly benefitted minorities. He enacted Opportunity Zones to encourage investment in those cities and towns that were impoverished to give them the needed funding to reduce poverty and increase economic growth in those communities. He provided permanent funding for Black Colleges. He wants to provide School Choice for parents in these communities so that every child no matter what their economic background will have the same opportunities for education that wealthy individuals have. All of this from a supposed “racist”.

President Trump brought peace deals to the Middle East that resulted in breakthrough relationships between Israel and Arab countries that was long thought not possible. These breakthroughs so significant that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

When the pandemic hit this country, President Trump put together the largest Private/Public organization ever formed to bring a vaccine to the market to eliminate the virus in an unprecedented 9 month period which would normally take at least 4 or 5 years. This would never have happened without his involvement, persistence and leadership!

While I could go on with his amazing accomplishments in his first 4 years, suffice to say, he has been a staunch proponent of the protection of our Religious Freedom, Free Speech and Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms). He has been the most Pro Life President in my lifetime for those of us who seek to protect the unborn. He has appointed Judges who seek to preserve the intent of the Constitution as opposed to activist judges who seek to write their own biases into the law.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of why 70 plus million support President Trump and why he received 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 and more votes than any other sitting President in U.S. history!

Mitch Bredefeld