Good deal for Malibu


I am not surprised that Ed Niles is opposing the Santa Monica College Bond (Measure S). He opposed the $15 million bond that would have given Malibu urgently needed ball fields and parks. In fact, he led the charge against that bond. Now, along comes a chance to have $25 million to go toward those same things at half the price of the Malibu bond, he finds other reasons to oppose it for any number of reasons that are speculative and vague. He even questions if ball fields can be justified as part of an educational program. Has he ever heard of physical education? Then he asks, “Why would they be a priority?” Because we desperately need them, Mr. Niles.

However, I was surprised to see Joan House has not endorsed Measure S because she fears “dealings with other outside agencies.” As I recall, the last time she ran for City Council she criticized her opponents for alienating outside agencies and ran her campaign on her ability and willingness to “work with outside agencies.” This City Council has cut a good deal for Malibu. In the past, we paid for Santa Monica College bonds and got nothing in return. This time the City Council got in there and negotiated for Malibu’s share of the bond money. In addition, it is cheap at half the price. The $25 million we will get from Measure S will be paid for by almost 1,000,000 people, instead of just the 13,000 living in Malibu. Let us hear it for working with outside agencies!

Howard Rudzki