His hat’s in the ring


I have been active in community affairs since we moved here 18 years ago. I have served as president of the Big Rock Mesas Property Owners Association, one of Malibu’s largest HOAs, for the past seven years. I also was appointed to the Public Works Commission and the View Protection Task Force. During the last few months, several people have asked me to run in the coming election for City Council.

My intention was to support Laura Rosenthal and Joan House. However, Joan recently informed me that she will not be a candidate for office and not only encouraged me to run for City Council, but honored me by offering to chair my campaign. I will now have the opportunity to benefit from her skill, experience, temperament and integrity.

While I applaud the many accomplishments of our prior City Council, there is still much to be done. For instance, agencies like the Coastal Commission and Regional Water board threaten our local control over vital decisions that will have grave economic consequences and forever impact our way of life. Therefore, it is essential that leaders have the ability to bring the community together to defend our right to self-determination and make reasoned decisions on issues like camping in our residential areas, environmental protection, wastewater disposal and land use. After all, that is why we became a city in the first place.

As a candidate for City Council, I plan to make my vision for Malibu clear during the campaign. Unfortunately, Malibu politics tempt a few to engage in personal attacks instead of addressing the pressing issues facing Malibu. So I think it fitting to quote what Harry Barovsky said when he announced his candidacy for office. “I will not participate in personal attacks. And if personally attacked, I will not respond. That may disappoint the few who prefer civil war to civil debate.” Instead, I look forward to a lively forum with honest discussions on how best to lead our city in the future.

Lou La Monte