2020 Year in Review: September

    Dwight “Doc” Strayer

    Two teens boys who just graduate from high school were killed in Malibu when their car swerved over the edge of Stunt Road, for reasons unknown, and down into the canyon on a Tuesday afternoon.

    A record heat wave, with triple-digit temperatures drew crowds flocking to the Malibu beaches, despite the COVID-19 warnings, 

    A police chase that began in the Valley, went on through Topanga Canyon, ended stalled on PCH when a work truck pulling a trailer came to a halt near Carbon Beach and the 55-year-old driver finally got out of the truck.

    The demand for Malibu real estate, which had been limping along for most of the year, suddenly exploded in July and August of this year as moneyed people from all over the world began to look for alternative living arrangements and purchased more than $400 million worth of Malibu property in those two months alone, which was a volume off the charts. Many apparently wanted to get out of densely packed cities and, since most people were now working remotely, they could live almost anywhere.

    A local Malibu surfing legend, Dwight “Doc” Strayer, 63, a lifetime Zuma Beach surfer, suffered a medical incident while in the ocean and, although he was pulled out quickly, attempts to resuscitate him by the lifeguards, many of whom he had known since they were kids, sadly failed.