The beer facts


    I have read the various reports and heard with horror the repercussions of the Pepperdine students’ collision with California’s drinking age laws at Ralphs last November. There has been much pain and loss here already, and there is surely more to follow. There must be a villain or all this suffering is for nothing.

    There is no evidence to suggest that these students are a threat to society. Quite the opposite, they are university students at a fine university pursuing higher education. Are the supermarket clerks at fault? They didn’t follow the letter of the state’s law nor their employer’s rules. Yet the circumstances were apparently such that their judgment call to not check the student’s ID on this occasion is completely understandable.

    Is Ralphs at fault? Clearly not. They are subject to rules and have rules of their own. Their rules were broken and they are themselves at risk. Much as I’d like to, I am unable to find a villain here. Something is surely wrong. I found my answer in the last paragraph of your Jan. 9 article. Apparently the university would not release the names of the students “despite the fact that all are adults.” If they are adults, why can’t they buy beer???

    Craig H. Foster