The art of merging

Emily Post did a wonderful job of teaching us the proper etiquette and manners for dining. However, she did leave out driving etiquette, most importantly merging. Here are a few rules to follow while merging.

1. No lane switching. As traffic comes to a stop, pick your lane and stay in it.

2. Avoid early merging.It will only cause delays.

3. The center dividing lane is not a “special lane” for those in a hurry (unlike the rest of us).

4. Really, when you merge, it goes every other car.

5. When entering traffic from your driveway or when making a left turn, no “curb sneaking” or using the “special lane” to go around the waiting cars.

6. No need to kiss the car in front of you. They aren’t going anywhere either.

7. You must stop making phone calls, applying make-up, reading and muffin munching during the actual act of merging.

Rumor is that until we learn the etiquette of merging properly, the road will remain closed, so please practice twice a day.

Kim Vicioso

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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