Dr. Bette Taicher-Herson

Dr. Bette Taicher-Herson

Dr. Bette Taicher-Herson died on Dec. 5 after a prolonged illness in her Malibu Colony home. Daughter of Morris and Katie Tomar, she was raised and educated in New Jersey. Taicher-Herson received an honorary degree of doctor of fine arts in recognition of her fame as a shoe designer and co-founder, with her husband Leonard Taicher, of the Caressa Shoe Company.

Taicher-Herson was a world traveler and spoke many languages. She was a founder and board member of the Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, Fla. and founding president of the Ear Institute at the University of Miami. She was also the board member and sponsor of the Raul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics at Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue. In 1995, she was honored as “The Woman of the Year” at MJC&S for her grace and inspiration.

Taicher-Herson is survived by her husband, rabbi Dr. Benjamin Herson, her two sons, Lee Donald and Robert Taicher; step-son Adam Herson; five grandchildren, Paul, Sari, Carole, Christopher and Alexander. She will be sorely missed as a beloved wife, mother, grandmother and gracious lady of great beauty.

Her resting place is at the Mt. Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley. Services took place on Dec. 7, led by Rabbi Judith HaLevy, with participation by family members and Monsignor John L. Sheridan.