Strong point of view


My love affair with the ocean goes way back in time. The sun glittering on the waves, which look like diamonds, has always fascinated me. The ocean and I have a special bond. So, naturally I gravitated to live in Malibu. After seeing that beautiful view erode, a piece at a time, over 30 years, by all kinds of green foliage, growing 365 days a year and neighbors not willing to cooperate by trimming and or cutting their trees, I know something had to be done.

As Barry Tyerman, former member of the Malibu View Protection Task Force wrote, “In June 2009, a group of Malibu citizens, appointed by the Council, after months of open debate, delivered a draft view ordinance that will: maintain Malibu’s rural environment and scenic vistas; Restore view disputes between neighbors economically, equitably and without costly litigation; balance privacy and other view considerations; not require extensive city resources and even be fully self-funding; Withstand court challenges.”

The committee spent long, hard hours in discussion, reviewing other view protection ordinances along the coast and creating an ordinance to fit Malibu’s needs. This is a fair and balanced piece of legislation that needs to be instituted by the City of Malibu.

There are only two out of the ten candidates running for City Council that have openly supported the work of the committee. Harold Greene has stated he “wants to turn the View Protection Ordinance into Law,” and Mike Sidley stated he wants to “pass the view protection and restoration ordinance.”

If you are concerned about views, especially yours, at this point in the election process, it is imperative that you analyze what each candidate is really saying or writing about concerning views. Words can be deceiving.

I am asking you, as a citizen of Malibu, do you want to reinvent the process all over again, or do we move forward and put the new council to work legally putting the View Restoration and Protection View Ordinance into law. In this way, we as citizens will be able to once again enjoy the sparkling ocean that still exists out there.

Be careful when casting your vote. Remember, as Barry Tyerman stated, “Some candidates for council on the ballot in April have opening expressed radical anti-view positions. Do not let politics as usual protect only the privileged.”

Marilynn Santman