Malibu Resident Finishes First in Age Category in Ultramarathon

Melissa Ireland, a Pepperdine alumna, makes a “waves up” hand signal in honor of her alma mater.

Malibu West resident and registered sports dietitian Melissa Ireland competed the Ray Miller 50-kilometer Ultramarathon on Nov. 7 at Point Mugu State Park.

Ireland finished first in the 30- to 39-year-old age group and was the seventh-place female finisher overall with a time of 6:07:55

“This was a fun opportunity to create my own hydration and fueling plan to power me through 31 miles,” she said.

Ireland says the recent loss of her dog, Puffman, motivated Ireland to run an ultramarathon. She used her training to celebrate Puffman’s life and to help her cope with the loss. 

Ireland said that trail running has become her passion. “There is no better place to train than on the beautiful coastal trails of Malibu.”