Forty Tons of Gravel Close Lane of Busch Drive

Gravel Sits on Busch Drive

Busch Drive in Western Malibu was down to one lane Thursday evening after 40 tons of gravel was dumped in the lane of traffic without authorization, report LA County Sheriffs.

During the cleanup, a deputy is on scene directing traffic and ensuring safety to drivers in the area of 5730 Busch Drive, located opposite Pacific Coast Highway from Point Dume.

“The deputy is permanently there until the rock’s removed,” said Lt. Jim Royal with the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

“The delivery person put it there without authorization and we’re taking a report for that,” Royal added.

As for a timeline, Royal said it depends on how quickly equipment arrives, but the contractor, the City of Malibu and the Sheriffs are coordinating to make sure the process moves as quickly as possible.

“[We are] just working on getting the equipment to get it moved,” Royal said. “In the mean time, we’re putting up barricades and we have a deputy there, and we’re working with the city to get rid of it.”