Call for a recall


I’ve only been gone a couple of weeks, but I see that the city and staff have screwed up again, big time, by losing the grant money for the purchase of the Chili Cook-off property. This should be a wake-up call to all Malibu residents that the City Manager and City Attorney, along with Barbara Cameron (the city’s $70,000 a year grant writer and Jeff Jennings’, ex-campaign manager), should be fired for this latest example of gross incompetence.

As for the council, their defense of their handpicked but obviously inept staff is incomprehensible. The loss of this critical grant money is unforgivable! That, coupled with their statements inferring that it’s probably better this way because we have control of what is built there, should entitle them to a one-way ticket to an out-the-door recall.

Now the council wants to put up the Charmlee Nature Preserve as collateral to raise money to cover their grant money screw-up. But that would be illegal as the terms of the original transfer of the Charmlee Nature Preserve in perpetuity do not allow it to be encumbered or sold., and this valuable environmental asset may yet be salvaged.

You can call this a cheap shot from someone who is no longer a resident, or a malcontent, or a troublemaker, but “Wake Up, Malibu, it’s time to clean house.”

Efrom Fader