OLM Welcomes Students Back with Breakfast

Ms. Russell’s second-grade class waits to go for a walk after Mass Friday morning.

Our Lady of Malibu celebrated the first week of school by hosting a Welcome Back Breakfast on Friday. Children and their families attended a morning Mass. After service, the children headed to their classrooms while returning parents had the opportunity to greet the new parents in Sheridan Hall, where an array of breakfast items was set out. The school buzzed with the excitement of the first week back at school. 

Kindergarten teacher Bernice Hayden shared a conversation between parent Juliana Reis Heinrich and her son, Marcelo: “On the first day of kindergarten Mom asked, ‘How was school, Marcelo?’ He [answered], ‘It was good! Can I go back everyday to the same school?’ Mom [said], ‘Yes, you’re coming back everyday for a long time.’”