Letter: Differing Approaches

Letter to the Editor

In reference to Arnold York’s column “A nation of wimps” in the Nov. 12 edition of The Malibu Times:

I applaud your effort to be even-handed in commenting on liberal/conservative differences, but last week’s editorial did not do that.

Do you really believe that CNN’s debate approach was the same for the Republican candidates as for the Democratic candidates? Really? 

And do you really believe that liberals have been prevented from speaking on college campuses as much as conservatives? Really?

In reference to its 2014 disinvitation report, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) said: 

“Speakers are much more likely to be targeted for disinvitation for holding or expressing viewpoints perceived as conservative by faculty or students …Institutions that have seen the highest number of disinvitation incidents also maintain severely speech-restrictive policies.”

Dick Coleman