Planetary Themes for the Month of December

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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As Mars transits Scorpio this month, you are dealing in the emotional realm and may have some inner issues that need to be examined or resolved. An adjustment with your finances and spending habits can do you some good. You are in a favorable cycle for achieving goals and deepening your connections with others.


You are in a favorable cycle for career- or business-related matters through the 19th. Personal relationships can heat up. You can also have more of an interest in travel, expanding your knowledge and seeking new opportunities. On the 20th, you can begin to feel like moving in a new direction and experimenting with other possibilities.


You are probably still dealing with some internal issues through Dec. 8. Work-related matters may become intense. The focus will be on completing tasks. On the ninth, a favorable shift begins for you as Mercury enters Sagittarius. Your attitude improves. There is more of an interest in travel, having fun and social activities. 


You are dealing in the emotional realm. This can be a favorable time for getting tuned in to your personal needs. Involvements in your personal relationships can heat up. Children in your life also play a more important role. On the ninth, work related matters begin to become less appealing to you. Try to get better organized.


Your magnetism can shine brightly until the solstice on the 21st. Remember to keep some healthy boundaries during the first week of the month. You can take on a more serious outlook in terms of achieving new goals. Home and family matters will require you to be more flexible. Communications begin to improve after Dec. 9.


Take advantage of the opportunity to deepen your connections with others and get better tuned in to your feelings through Dec. 8. On the ninth, a shift begins for you. You can feel like moving forward and letting go of any baggage from the past. If you are seeking more clarity in relationships, the fog can begin to lift after the 20th.


You are in a favorable cycle for improving and deepening relationships through the 19th. Domestic responsibilities can also take up more of your time. A shift begins for you on the 20th. You can feel like letting loose and breaking free from obligations. Seeking new experiences and being more active socially becomes a priority.


As Mars transits your sign until Jan. 3, the tide is flowing in your direction if you take action in the direction of your dreams and goals. You can accomplish many things and deepen the connections in your relationships. After the ninth, be more cautious handling money. You can have blind spots regarding financial decisions. 


There could be a family matter you’re a bit confused about. Remain objective and pay attention to details. A favorable shift begins for you Dec. 9. You are in your own element for having good times and expressing your expansive nature. You can also benefit from spending more alone time or working behind the scenes. 


As both of the benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are in your sign together through the 19th, you are in a favorable cycle for expressing greater love, opportunities and abundance in your life! This is also your time to be more active socially, make new friends and network with others. New doors can open for you.  


More adaptability will be required from you in career matters. On Dec. 9, a favorable shift begins for you socially. You can get a boost of optimism and enjoy spending more time with your network of friends. On the 19th, Venus enters your sign until Jan. 13. You are in your own element for expressing love and manifesting. 


You are in a cycle of mental expansion and connecting with others socially. You can have more of an interest in travel. On an emotional level, you can grow or resolve any internal issues through the 13th. Take of advantage of support or resources from others. Be cautious with judgment decisions. The fog can lift after the 19th.