Letter: This Is the Result

Letter to the Editor

Letter addressed to Council Member Bruce Silverstein

Dear Councilman Silverstein,

I’m watching the city council meeting tonight. Unfortunately, I have lost my faith in your ability to successfully advocate for anything of substance. Your tone of superiority and presumption that everyone is potentially incompetent is a spirit killing attitude and an unsuccessful way to govern.

You actually appear to be working against your own agenda. You are in an echo chamber if you think you are doing the work of the majority of those who voted for you.

I never had any feelings one way or another about Reva Feldman but you have created widespread support for her, based on your bullying. In fact, I am sad to say it has gotten to the point that almost anything you propose or contest, I instinctually oppose. 

I can’t imagine this is your intention but this is the result of your governance.

Trevor Albert