A lesson for Barbra


    (A letter to Barbra Streisand.) You seem to have what’s coming to you. Being staunchly conservative I have long known that when you give so many little people the power to legislate minutia they will, and then they will use it against you. Rather than worry about traffic flow and safety, schools, and infrastructure they mess with your dream of building your family a home. I am on your side for once. Why won’t they let you build a home according to reasonable standards, then take our share of the tax revenues and build a park for our kids. The City Council is an abomination of greed and paranoia who have created such insurmountable barriers to reasonable development that most ordinary men cringe at the thought of begging them for permission to build. Undoubtedly they all have their homes and castles, why can’t we?

    My neighbor has paid more than $12,000 in fees and surveys for a swimming pool he hasn’t even started digging, while the local Indian tribesmen wander his property in search of artifacts. Meanwhile the streets in front of our properties are full of potholes and inadequate traffic controls, and the human effluence flows into holes in the ground. My wife who is from Mexican descent shrugs her shoulders and says this is why my family left Mexico in the first place.

    Barbra, I suggest you rethink your politics and realize that we were all given rights by God that were reaffirmed by our founding fathers that are and were based upon personal responsibility. We are slowly giving up these rights and responsibilities and you have just gotten a taste of your political legacy.

    Steven Bard