Say Hello to The Malibu Dolphin Foundation

Arnold and Karen York

Dear Readers, 

Arnold and I are happy to report that our goal of establishing a nonprofit charitable foundation that will support and help fund Malibu’s unmet individual and community needs has been officially launched! This idea is not a new one. We have been discussing its possibilities for years. Of course, starting a real foundation and especially asking for donations and sponsors is very challenging for us and would have been very difficult during a recession as well. But, given the improving economy, it seems that the moment is ripe. Since mentioning the hoped-for foundation in Arnold’s column last week, we have been approached by several benefactors who are eager to invest seed money to get us started on this worthwhile project. First on our email list this week was Tom Hix of Malibu Golf Club fame with a generous donation to help get us off the ground (Thank you, Tom!). When we needed a local nonprofit to sponsor us and accept donations while we filed our 501(c)(3) application, I didn’t have to ask twice — former Dolphin Citizen of the Year and Director of Malibu’s Cornucopia Foundation Debra Bianco stepped right up, offering to accept Malibu Dolphin Foundation donations in the interim (you can make a tax-deductible donation on their website: Wow! 

This has all happened so fast that we have just begun working on the legal stuff and composing our mission statement. I am sharing the first draft with you below so you are aware of our intentions. With the wonderful positive response we’ve had to date, we couldn’t be more optimistic about the foundation’s future and its ability to make a real difference to many worthy Malibu individuals, organizations and community projects. We look forward to receiving your input and including you among the founding donors. Thanks to everyone who is making this dream a reality! 

The Malibu Dolphin Foundation

It is the mission of the Malibu Dolphin Foundation to provide recognition and financial support to the many worthwhile and inspirational individuals, organizations and community projects that enhance the quality of life for all of Malibu’s citizens. Our efforts will include, but not be limited to, community, educational, environmental and health initiatives, disaster preparedness and relief, assistance to families in need and those organizations and individuals whose efforts address our society’s critical challenges and the unmet needs of their fellow citizens. 

Karen and Arnold York 


The Malibu Times Group