Obituary: Lee Anderson


Lee Anderson died at home on April 30 after a long period of declining health. She and her husband, Bud, resided in the Yerba Buena area of the County Line neighborhood. 

“The best and easiest way to describe Lee is, ‘Whenever she came into the room, sunshine came in with her,’” a loved one said.  

Anderson was the co-editor of the newsletter The Bobcat’s Tale, along with Christine Stoddard. 

“Lee was, informally, “info-central,” everyone seemed to call Lee when something of interest occurred,” a loved one said. 

Anderson, Bud and their friends assisted Jerry “Mrs. J” Johnson of the Lazy J Ranch in hosting her neighborhood Christmas party during the latter years. This contribution helped Mrs. J to continue her Christmas party tradition for more than 50 years. 

Several years ago, Anderson and Bud moved to Wikieup, Arizona. They continued an active social life and often hosted a monthly get together with friends and the local bluegrass band.

“Cooking was Lee’s passion,” a loved one said. “Her from-scratch pizza was always a great hit. Lee had an extensive collection of cookbooks, older style cooking and food prep tools. She used all of them.”

Anderson and Bud were married for 40 years, both bringing children from previous marriages. Anderson had five children, Bud had four and together, they have 17 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. They both considered all the children “our kids.” Anderson was also a seamstress, and she made Christmas-themed dresses and shirts for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren for many years. 

“Thanksgiving was their big family get-together week,” a loved one said. “These custom-made clothes were presented during the Thanksgiving visits.”

Anderson was an active leader who worked with the Ventura County Fire Department and Supervisor Linda Parks’ office on issues and improvements pertaining to the County Line (Fire Station 56) area. Supervisor Parks had the Board of Supervisors close a recent meeting in her honor. 

“Although gone from us physically, she remains in our hearts,” a loved one said.