Letter: Concerned citizen


In response to the article written on 1-10-13 [“Peak under investigation for hit-and-run”], as a local resident of Malibu, I find it hard to understand how Mr. Peak is still a councilmember after this incident. This is also regarding the incident this past summer in which he was throwing chairs and threatening security guards at the local shopping center with a pair of scissors. Mr. Peak was also taken into custody at his home and secured at a medical facility where he was held for observation. 

To my knowledge, after leaving the facility, he responded to the paper, admitting he had a medical condition, bipolar disorder. Mr. Peak clearly admits to not taking any medications currently. His comments that he intended to exercise to resolve his problems shows how out of touch he is. 

The most recent incident of driving over 400 feet of barrier on Pacific Coast Highway by Zuma Beach on 12-25-12 and abandoning his vehicle on PCH, is that normal behavior? I don’t think so. 

Some action needs to be taken before he injures or kills some innocent resident of Malibu. Do you think this person should be making decisions about any matters concerning our town? Again, I don’t think so. Should he be driving on our roads without proper medication needed to make rational decisions while operating a motor vehicle? The answer is no. 

After he is involved again in an accident where he injures or kills someone it may be too late to say, “But he was the youngest councilmember of Malibu.” Who cares about that, the damage will have been done. 

Ken Spratford