Christina Aguilera snuggles up to Jordan Bratman at Roberto Cavalli.


It was gomito a gomito or elbow to elbow, as they say in Italian, at the splashy grand opening of the Roberto Cavalli store on Rodeo Drive. Cavalli, known for those to-die-for red carpet frocks, is just about the hottest designer around, and his A-list fans turned out in force.

Christina Aguilera took Marilyn Monroe glam to the max and had the paparazzi in a frenzy. Lisa Rinna looked luscious in a clingy silver-tube dress, showing off every curve. George Hamilton retained his title as the Hawaiian Tropic poster guy; James Caan was nestled in the corner with two lanky blondes and Fran Drescher pranced in with her fluffy little pooch.

In keeping with true Cavalli style, the place was dressed to the nines. The tables were topped with sumptuous gold brocade cloth. They were festooned with flickering votives, iridescent nautilus shells, white orchids, sticks of coral, bunches of grapes and strands of pearls. The crowd got comfy on faux-zebra sectional sofas with cushy cheetah print throws. Servers made the rounds with Vert Bellinis and sparkling flutes of Veuve Clicquot. The spread included an ample selection of antipasti, fresh prosciutto, gamberetti, crostini, stuffed zucchini blossoms and calamari. Molto buono!

The DJ Adam Goldstein (aka Nicole Ritchie’s fiancé) was doing everything from House to vintage Beatles, to a Van Halen remix. Those fabulous Cavalli frocks had to be cleared away to make room for the crowd, but there was fashion aplenty, from luxurious to laid-back.

Carmen Electra sparkled an Oscar-worthy beaded gown. There were flirty chiffon skirts paired with black leather biker jackets and cowboy boots. Some sported mirrored Superfly shades, others went for Sonny Bono-style fur vests. There were jean minis, fishnet stockings and fox shrugs.

Nancy Davis, who hosted the evening, was quick to show off the latest in her jewelry line. “Aren’t these wonderful,” she said, displaying her diamond-earring bling, “and look at my mom’s.” Barbara Davis opted for a lovely pair of pale sapphire danglers.

She also filled me in on the theme for this year’s Race to Erase MS gala, which raises millions for her Nancy Davis Foundation. “It’s going to be rock and royalty. Isn’t that fun?” I asked her son Jason what he planned to wear for the grand occasion. “Probably an evening gown,” he quipped. Oh, in other words, Elton John.

As the evening progressed, Cindy Crawford strolled in; so did Jack Nicholson, Mischa Barton, Salma Hayek and Nicole Ritchie. With company like this, even “The Simple Life” star would admit this little haute happening was hot!