She got it right


    A woman by the name of Teresa Penner wrote an amazing tribute about my mother, Posey Carpentier, in The Malibu Times, May 1, 2003. Titled “Remembering Posey’s Style,” she captured a moment of time at their first meeting, and of the lasting impression and effect Posey made on her life. The piece was full of remarkable detail that only a person with depth, power of observation and the spontaneous ability to allow mentors in their lives could describe. My family thanks you for taking the time to remember and commemorate the inspiration and confidence Posey passed on to you. Clearly, you are a lot like her and you are right about her book, Teresa. It’s fabulous because it’s not just about Real Estate, it’s about life; it’s a “green light” if you seize the moment.

    Carla Carpentier