Road kill rage


My first reaction was to show up at your office and throw the paper in your face. I could not believe that you would show the picture of a dead mountain lion. I was disgusted when you showed the dead deer hit on PCH a month or so ago. You even mentioned that it was “possibly still nursing.” Being an animal lover, I found my head and heart in a tizzy worrying that a fawn was alone and possibly dying because some jerk couldn’t slow down. But this picture really sent me and my boyfriend over the edge. He actually tried to hide the paper from me.

I had been reading about the conservation efforts regarding the mountain lions for a few years. The tracking, eating habits, whatever. I was interested and hopeful. So what if they had innocuous names like K-9 or flipping R202. I was invested. Showing a picture like that has really shown the desperate measures you’ll take, even for a small town paper.

Following the whole “If it bleeds, it leads” mentality really is sad. I would have figured that the vibe that is Malibu, you would have used more common sense. Your insight is lacking and I have to tell you that if you continue with heartless and senseless photos such as those, I will make it my personal mission to have a new editor, with a heart, hired.

Crystal Walkup