Letter: Misinterpreted Role

Letter to the Editor

I wanted to write this letter to inform readers that not everyone in Malibu is happy to see the loss of Sandy Lyon as superintendent of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District. 

Despite what many in our community might believe, Lyon has been an excellent superintendent. She has navigated a difficult political climate to ensure that all students received the quality education they deserve. Her commitment to the implementation of the board’s equity policy should be lauded. She has facilitated the continuing high achievement of students in both Malibu and Santa Monica. 

The vitriol that has been directed her way is completely misguided. Perhaps her most vocal critics should attend Adam Panish’s government class at Malibu High School to learn what the role of a superintendent actually is. She is only the agent of the board, and is responsible for implementing their policies. It is atrocious that these vocal bullies have accused her of acts for which the board is ultimately responsible. I, for one think, they owe her nothing short of an apology. 

The entire school district is going to miss her leadership. 

Mike Sidley