Crash course in justice


Upon moving to Malibu, I got two traffic tickets within one week. One for two illegal left turns at the Malibu Canyon/Civic Center Way intersection. Wrong time of day it was, not a dangerous move. The second ticket occurred at 8:55 a.m while the deadline was 9. “Just doing my job, sir” one officer said at 9:02 or so as he handed me my citation. Ok, ok, Malibu needs the money, and these made up for some of the ones I should have gotten but didn’t.

Now, two (or was it three?) guys blast down PCH around 160 mph, crash spectacularly, concoct a tale that beggars belief by even an idiot, test above the legal limit for alcohol, whistle up a couple of other guys to flash badges (with the corn flakes still in them), and walk away without so much as a warning. Ok, so the officers were buffaloed by the bafflegab, but the captain defending it? The deputies have one tough job, especially around here. However, captain, nobody’s perfect. This hardly qualifies as evenhandedness. Which leaves me with the question, “If I trade in my NSX for an Enzo, can I go 180 on PCH if I don’t crash?

Peter Higgins