Letter: Fair Representation

Letter to the Editor

Letter in response to the letter “He’s got the power,” published Oct. 8

Mr. Weisdorn, as usual, you twist the facts. You have the audacity to cite Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s utterance that presidents serve four year terms, not three, in regards to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett (ACB)’s confirmation. This is a disturbing and deceptive use of RBG’s words. What you conveniently left out is that she said that when Merrick Garland’s appointment was held up with Obama having 11 months left in his term. She did not live to see this current fiasco, so your use of her words is that much more perverse. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking RBG’s words out of context; it is just so deceptive, but this is part and parcel for most of your writing. 

It is likely true that ACB will be confirmed. It is also true that this will just continue the cold civil war that rages in our country. The notion that Republicans are doing this because they can is not a good reason to exercise this power. Compromise is how the U.S. was born and it is how we will get past these terrible divisive times. 

Remember this: If this confirmation happens, when the shoe is on the other foot, you will likely not like it, so be aware that what goes around comes around and then don’t complain or try to rewrite history when it does. This is a time where we could stop the culture war by waiting until after the election to confirm ACB, and then whomever wins the presidency will have their choice, which will fairly represent the will of the people.

Matthew Borenzweig