Letter: PCH Danger

Letter to the Editor

Until I read Cece Woods’ regular publication of traffic incidents in Malibu on PCH, I was unaware of the huge number of accidents that happen there each week. PCH is our only means of access to and exit from Malibu (except for the three main canyon roads), and the city council needs to protect our citizens better.

On Sunday, I had two incidents that exemplified the problem: 

1) Traveling south toward Santa Monica in the morning, driving under 50 miles per hour, I was tailgated extremely by a driver hurrying to get somewhere. I was in the left-hand lane because I was going to turn left shortly, and this out-of-town driver cut into the right-hand lane, nearly hitting several bicyclists, and then cut in front of me, narrowly avoiding a collision. I laid on the horn, but he sped off, well over the speed limit.

2) That night, coming back to Big Rock from V’s Restaurant, it took an hour because traffic was compressed to one lane near Las Flores due to work by [Southern California] Edison on a power pole, followed shortly thereafter by a single vehicle car fire that closed the other lane. Cars were driving in the center divider to get home faster and motorcycles were shooting by in the space between car lanes. 

Traffic is becoming really intolerable in Malibu. We need more law enforcement on PCH and someone to manage traffic better so these monumental traffic jams are lessened. Those of us who live here deserve better.

Ted Vaill