Signaling for support


As a longtime resident of Corral Canyon, I have witnessed many traffic collisions and many more near misses at the intersection of Corral Canyon and PCH. Corral Canyon is the only access road for some 200 odd homes in the hills and is heavily traveled. The Canyon is also a destination for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts with Solstice National Park at the entrance and the Backbone Trail at the road’s end. Both commuters and visitors alike find merging into and navigating across the 55 mph traffic flow on PCH a dangerous chore.

Motorists making U-turns for Corral Beach and motorists entering and exiting the neighboring gas station and restaurant further threaten safe access. Visitors crossing on foot to enjoy the beach or catch the bus endanger themselves and the drivers who try to avoid them. These factors make for very hazardous conditions as evidenced by the multiple accidents and deaths here and thereby warrant a traffic signal. I appeal to all my neighbors to support Theresa Tuchman’s call last week, “Safety in Numbers,” for the installation of a traffic signal at Corral Canyon and PCH. For information, e-mail or call 456-2896.

Andrea Rader