Support the lagoon restoration project


We thank State Parks and the agencies involved and look forward to the lagoon finally being cleaned and returned to a nature wetland habitat. The Chumash Elders have voiced their support for the project, and have also written a personal letter that has been posted on a local website.

We are determined to receive fair treatment from the media and believe that the public deserves to hear our viewpoint, as it is the truth about the restoration project. We have fostered relationships with the scientists, engineers and historians who worked so hard to finally put this project into action. Due to the lawsuits involved, those individuals have not been as open to communicating as they should have been about the details of the project, which has led to confusion in the publics’ eyes.

The opponents have had their voices heard, and it is about time that the media offers fair reporting and provides the opinions of those of us who know this restoration is a much-needed project.

We at The Real Malibu 411 are a grassroots local Malibu movement and have always agreed that leaky septics that pollute the creeks and ocean must be removed. We also believe that a sewer in the Civic Center is another “pill that Malibu needs to swallow,” according to Chumash Elder Dominguez.

Stephanie Glas

The Real Malibu 411