Netflix to Premiere Documentary Created by Local Animal Activist Katie Cleary

Actress/Producer/Animal Advocate Katie Cleary with a rescue/service dog.

Actress, producer and animal advocate Katie Cleary has released “Give Me Shelter,” an award-winning documentary about issues with animal welfare, directed by Kristin Rizzo.

The film was created to raise awareness for important, world-wide animal welfare issues, and also the people who dedicate their lives to rescuing and caring for these animals.

Stars of stage and screen participated in the film, including Academy Award winner Ric O’Barry, Tippi Hedren, Michael Vartan and Alison Eastwood. Many celebrities have voiced support for the film through social media accounts, including Russell Simmons, Adrian Grenier and actress Nikki Reed.

“Just finished watching a profoundly moving documentary on animal abuse called Give Me Shelter. This particular film is so impactful and so educational as it tackles almost every category of animal issues/abuse … ,” Reed said.

The documentary premiers on Netflix on Friday, May 1. For more information about the documentary and its related causes, visit